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The Shine Company exists to transform communities
by unleashing the economic power of the
creative media industries.

Whether we help you build a plan to attract more visitors to your town through film tourism or guide your team in acquiring incentives and building production facilities,
we're here to help.

Our Focus

Courses in Film tourism

Our online courses teach you to develop a top-notch, customized film tourism plan that works for you. Our courses feature:

Short, user-friendly classes tailored for focused learning.

Real-world examples to spark ideas for harnessing opportunities.


Downloadable templates that enhance your learning experience.


Group and 1:1 Office Hours support

An image of the ShineCo. Academy Essential Courses in Film Tourism Logo with words saying Coming Soon stamped across it.


Men in vintage White Sox Baseball Team uniforms standing in front of the house used as the location for the movie Field of Dreams


We provide consultation services to achieve your local film tourism goals.


Research & Discovery


Ideation Strategies


Business Integration


Community Engagement


Studios Relationships

Special Events

Facilities Development

We help companies with their design, building, and production facilities management issues.


Facilities Incentives


Studios & Facility Design


Right-Sizing & Utilization

Community Affairs & Partnerships



Market Rate Pricing

A picture of two film sets made of wood constructed on top of 4 foot risers accessible by a ramp inside a film studio with a hanging background of trees and sky.

What People are saying

You have the vision,
we have the know-hoW

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