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Lights. Camera. Revenue.

The Shine Company creates custom strategies to unleash economic opportunities for businesses and communities looking to harness the growth in the screen industries - from film and television to video games

and all media in between.

What We Do

The Shine Company works with businesses, media companies, economic development entities, and communities to build successful, sustainable creative media infrastructure and robust film tourism strategies.

Our unique industry expertise and resources is what differentiates us, giving us an edge in creating value to help you achieve your vision.

So whether you are looking to develop creative workspaces for content makers or design film tourism strategies that bring previously untapped revenue and value to your community, we have the insight, tools, network, and solutions to help you reach your goals. 

Facilities Development

OUR Core Capabilities

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Marketing Strategies

Business Integration

Research & Discovery

Community Engagement

Studios Relationships

Special Events


Facilities Development


Facility Right-Sizing

Community Partnerships

Site Selection


Studios/Facility Design


"Wow! What a dynamic team Heather and Mindy bring to their company. They are proven connectors and problem solvers with diverse backgrounds in the film industry. They understand the complexities of the business yet are able to distill it down to capture its most essential elements that deliver time and again."


Director of Tourism and Economic Development

Bastrop County, Texas

You have the vision,
we have the know-hoW

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